T-pisode 270: The Comfort Food List

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T-blawg is not only my site but it is also my brand. My online identity. That realization hit me hard during my time off from here. So I needed to get back at it. And I missed all this fucking fun living life under the hat!
T-blawg is not only my site but it is also my brand. My online identity. That realization hit me hard during my time off from here. So I needed to get back at it. And I missed all this fucking fun living life under the hat!


I haven’t done a classic T style list since my return. So let this be the first one. During my hiatus from here I didn’t write a single T-pisode from late November until early April. I think? I’m not sure. This past winter after Barcelona and the holidays, my life without T-blawg was a damn blur. I swear. I mostly remember a lot of friggin’ snow, writing a lot of book pages, eating a lot of paid for meals, working out a lot and a lot of Patriots games. In between all of that, I did find out some mostly new shit about myself that brought me serious comfort and joy. Lil things…big things…cool things…crazy things…T things.


I still haven’t used it myself. But thank you for driving a lot of women around for me so I didn’t have to take my car out in the snow. You the real MVP Uber!!!

Deflategate Assholes
I found a lot of joy ignoring you uninformed dopes. You know nothing about football. And believe me, THAT Deflategate T-pisode is coming.

Taylor Swift
I can’t stand the girl, but the smile and big hug my niece gave me when I gave her two on the field seats tickets in Gillette for her 16th birthday made for one happy uncle.

Museum of Science/Museum of Fine Arts/New England Aquarium
I’m proud to be a member of all three and the Saturday my nieces, my nephew and I hit up all three in one day to break our personal record gave us memories that will last a lifetime.

Personal Cook
I’m going to write a full T-pisode on this but to have someone doing my weekly meal prep for 4 months was fucking awesome! I don’t like cooking but I do like eating and I do like working out. This was like the greatest thing ever for a single healthy guy living in the city.

I drank a lot of wine this winter. A lot. Shit.

“Jessica Alba”
Thank you for what we had and what we did this winter. You’re one of the good ones. And I’ll still always be there if you need me.

My Big/Little Brother
The conversations to and from all the Patriots games this past season were the therapy sessions we needed for all the fucked up things we did and went through growing up in East Boston. I’m proud of the men we are today leaving all that in the past.

My old shoes
Yes, I’m thankful for my old shoes. I like nice clothes. I have nice things. My shoe game is fire yo. But this winter was fucking brutal and thankfully I had a pair of old shoes to wear on my walk to the office when I didn’t feel like packing shoes in my bag while wearing Timberlands to the office. I’m a guy! Guys DON’T bring a change of shoes anywhere! We tough that shit out. Thug life. I’ll pour some out for those shoes now in shoe heaven next time I drink.

Old school Italian Sundays
On the Sundays when I could get out of my place if there wasn’t a lot of snow or when the Pats played late games, I went over my mother’s for dinner. It was my cheat day. And it was great to eat “normal” food while busting my mother’s chops and making her laugh. I miss Sunday dinners from when I was a kid.

When I wasn’t snowed in writing, drinking wine or entertaining a lovely young lady, I had you Netflix. I love your movies but you gave me Daredevil. You the other MVP Netflix!!! And your stock is making me hella rich! Imma buy a plane or some shit cause of you!

Final Draft
You are the best screenwriting software in the game but writing a book with you was not cool holmes.

I sent so many offensive fucking memes to so many people this past winter and I’m not sorry at all.

Thank you for hooking a brother up so he could drunk video chat with a hottie in Barcelona!

Banshee and Black Sails
By far the two best “guy” shows on cable television. Violence, gangsters, pirates, hot chicks, sex, murder, the fucking Amish!!! Holy shit, the best I tell you! The BEST!!!


And that was my comfort list of the things I enjoyed while on my T-blawg hiatus. They all filled in the “T-blawg hole” that was driving me to come back here. Nothing can quite replace this site but I did somewhat enjoy my time away. And now you all know why. But rest assured, I’m back for good.


Until next time. Always take it there.