T-pisode 271: Beard Bandwagon

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Ohhhhh….so NOW beards, tattoos and tucking your hats low covering half your face in pics are COOL??? Well then… YOU’RE FUCKING WEEEELLLLLCCCOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!! T-blawg.com. Established 2009. Bitches.
Ohhh….so NOW beards, tattoos and tucking your hats low covering half your face in pics are COOL??? Well then… YOU’RE FUUUUCKING WEEELLLLCCCOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!! T-blawg.com. Established 2009. Bitches.


I’m talking beards here today. That’s right. Only T of the world famous T-blawg.com has the ability to write an entire T-pisode about beards. Because I’m that damn good. Some people say beards are SO in right now. Some say beards are SO out right now. They were hot in 2014 but not in 2015. They are now accepted in corporate America. They will NEVER be accepted in corporate America. Some athletes sport them only during the playoffs. AKA the “Playoff Beard.” Some athletes rock them all season long now. Hipsters rock beards. Rappers rock beards. Thick beards. Thin beards. Freshly lined up beards. Unkempt beards. Beards.

I’m Italian so I can rock one hell of a fucking beard. It’s an Italian man perk. I’ve been shaving since I was 14 years old. It’s something physical that I bring to the table. I’ve been rocking sideburns, mustaches, goatees and beards on & off rotation for several years. I’ve written a damn T-pisode about manscaping! Shit, I got my first tattoo five years after I started shaving and now all of a sudden both are cool?! Stop it. Cool is fucking cool because I say so. Because you say so. Don’t EVER let someone else, pop culture, social media, corporate America or society dictate what you look like or who you are or what you enjoy. Fuck that. However, I believe that one should be polished when showing up to work. Your beard should be trimmed. Your tattoos should be covered. And your clothes should be two pay grades above. But that’s ME. I’ve always been this way so yeah it’s ok that the rest of the world is now finally catching up to the shit I’ve been living, preaching and writing about for years now. It’s some sort of validation I guess. So if Mike Napoli’s beard or Julian Edelman’s beard turn women on and then they see my beard and get even more turned on…cool. We all win. But make no mistake about it, I’ve been beard yo. On the regular since I went the entire 2011 Bruins playoff run and Stanley Cup victory with my playoff beard. To my entire 2013 Tough Mudder training beard. Since then I’ve been bearded up pretty consistently. This isn’t a beard bandwagon thing for me. But I like seeing all these dudes out with beards and tats now. Back in the day this would be a sign that you have a manly tough guy in your presence. Now? Ehhhh….not so much. Some I still have to laugh it because some are absolutely “posing” and just going with the latest trends. Whatever though. To each their own. But ol’ T has been this way and will continue to be this way. I feel like I’m a pioneer of many things and this is just one more. That is not cockiness. That is a damn fact and a strong statement from an honest, confident man.

So to all you posers, I say fuck yo’ beard. And to all my fellow manly men, we’re shining now boys! Let the ladies enjoy the beard and let the lesser men envy away. We put our time in and we built this bandwagon that is now extremely heavy. But we are the ones strong enough to pull it so let them all ride this bitch until the wheels fall off. You like your beard. She likes your beard. The world now likes your beard. Own that shit.


Until next time. Always take it there.