T-pisode 354: Sick Guy 2

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I tried really hard to find a pic that made me think of sickness and I couldn’t. But this pic is pretty sick bro!!! See what I did there??? Yeah…you did.


I’m up to 354 T-pisodes as of this writing and I have to tell you all something that I find crazy as all holy shit. Most 5-10 year old blogs and any websites with written words and articles are dying…yes, I’m feeling it here too. The world has changed and people share videos and pics and “go live” on apps now. They don’t go to “websites” for content or entertainment anymore. I know this because I know everything! What does this mean for T-blawg.com which is basically a guy under a hat writing about himself? Which also eliminates videos and pics and oh yeah, I don’t have a damn T-blawg app. It means I need to finish that fucking book! LOLz. Anyway, one of the most popular T-pisodes ever is my take on how guys act when they are sick. Yep. Crazy. As all holy shit. Like I said.

I have given the world Boston’s Hottest Women lists…Bro Code chapters…Grown Man Shit…#wouldwife…the T-blawg Pose…and a whole lot of bomb ass, true life, stories! But one one-off T-pisode that has a billion hits is this one right here about “When A Guy Is Sick!” Women Google the SHIT out of “what to do when a guy is sick.” I swear. And every time they do that, that T-pisode pops up. I mean, that’s great for me and this site. But it isn’t my most favorite T-pisode. Either way, I have decided that it was time to revisit the topic. This isn’t exactly a sequel, it’s more a reboot. Sort of. This past winter I was inundated with non-stop colds, coughs and stomach problems. I’ll get into all that in a later T-pisode. But what I found was that even though I am 6 years older now than when I wrote that original “sick guy” T-pisode, I’m still the biggest baby when I’m sick. Just like every other man walking this planet. Yep. We don’t outgrow the sick baby syndrome with age fellas. Nope. The women in my life can all attest to that. When I was sick I would go into the office once I felt better and when a woman asked me how I felt I would say “I almost died.” And they would laugh. Sure I didn’t almost die but in my head when I was sick with that damn cough or cold, I felt like I was going to die! Being sick sucks. Being sick is man’s kryptonite. Wait, what? Yeah kryptonite makes Superman sick, so that made sense!

When the planet gets wiped out by the alien zombie apocalypse caused by an offensive President Trump tweet, I know the remainder of the human civilization will Google “what to do when a guy is sick” when they get electricity and wi-fi going again. And you know what the future will find? T-blawg.com. That’s right. I am going to save the world someday. And that’s what T-blawg’s legacy will be. I win. And you can thank me now. LOLz.


Until next time. Always take it there.