T-pisode 376: City Home Improvement

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T-pisode 376
City life gives me the opportunity to take pics like this on my walk home everyday but I still don’t know shit about how to fix a single fucking thing that breaks in my home without breaking even more shit on the road to that fix. True story.


Look, I definitely consider myself a manly man. No doubt. But I am very much still a “city” boy living a true city lifestyle before I am anything manly man. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I’m smart as fuck. And I have too much damn pride to ask for help. So, when it comes to home improvement projects I’ll eventually figure it out even if it costs me way too much time and way too much money. Because that’s what men do. Figure shit out or die trying. Like that Fiddy Cent album. Wait, what? Anyway, I recently did a complete overhaul of my sound system in my place. My system was sick for sure and expensive but it was getting dated technology wise and there were too many components. I had a receiver, 6 speakers, an amp, an iPod dock and way too many damn wires running through my walls and along my floors. So my goal was to uninstall all that shit and replace it with just one wireless, Bluetooth equipped sound bar and amp. Eazy peazy, right? Wrong. This is me we’re talking about. And I made a complete fucking mess uninstalling and removing everything. I originally thought it would take two hours and the whole fucking thing took me over two days and I still have holes in my wall. Why? The fuck do I know??? Because it’s me I guess! The actual hook up of the new sound bar was the easiest part. And the sound and all the extra space in my living room now are fantastic! And I love being wireless. Love it! But I hate home improvement projects. Hates it!!! So there it is. City living is great. Fucking great. But city living home improvement projects are the third level of hell in my fucking opinion.


What do you think, fellas? Are we supposed to know how to fix shit easily because we’re men or nah???


Until next time. Always take it there.