T-pisode 382: T Does Wrestling

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T-pisode 382
I thought about using a pic from the WWE event I went to but figured this blood moon pic had more blood in it than “PG” rated wrestling does now. See what I did there?


I am an 80s and 90s kid. I rode my bike everywhere. I threw snaps at the ground. I climbed and fell off things that almost killed me. I watched “Saved By The Bell” after Saturday morning cartoons. I collected baseball cards like a religion. I did the running man to MC Hammer songs flawlessly. My rat-tail was dyed blonde terribly. And I loved wrestling. It wasn’t sports entertainment back then. It was wrestling. And yes, the smart kids like myself knew it was fake but we loved it nonetheless. I dropped flying elbows top turnbuckle Macho Man Randy Savage style on all my friends. I Ric Flair “wooed” in my bathrobe and tighty whities around the house for no reason. And I knew all the words to the Russian National Anthem thanks to the WWF. It will always be the WWF to me. I used to go to see the WWF in the old Boston Garden with my parents and my cousins. The old Garden was hot and smelly. And it shook during every event. But it was awesome. Wrestling was awesome. Wrestling was the only thing my father and I could talk about when I was a kid because that’s all he ever loved. More than he loved me! I swear to Baby Jesus. Like most kids, I got older and stopped watching wrestling. My father never stopped though. I hadn’t been to a wrestling event since the late 90s. Until this past summer that is. I’m a big MMA fan and with social media I knew Brock Lesnar was back in the WWF. So I told some folks in the office who “dabble” in wrestling that I would go if they ever came to the “new” Garden. My company has a pretty sweet suite that I use often so the three of us went and it was…awesome. I mean it is a whole big thing now! The special effects. The music. The ring apron and décor changes. And the fans are still as passionate and as nuts as ever. And Brock Lesnar is one big dude in person. Even from our suite he looked like King Kong. It was something I tell ya. Will I get back into wrestling again? Uhhh….no. But that night let me relive a little part of my childhood and I had a damn good time. Woooooooooo!!!!!!


Is there a long-lost childhood tradition of yours that you would like to revisit or are you all set with all that past nonsense?


Until next time. Always take it there.