T-pisode 161: T’s Pursuit of Happiness

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Yeah I know this is something that should be hanging in a college girl's dorm room. But it's hanging in my bedroom. And I'm listening to the sign!
Yeah I know this is something that should be hanging in a college girl’s dorm room. But it’s hanging in my bedroom. And I’m listening to the sign!

I’m on a mission! Actually, I’m on a pursuit. I’m on a pursuit of happiness people! How did this come about? Glad you asked. A lot has happened to me in the past year. Most of what happened is well documented here on my baby T-blawg. The gist of it all was basically the perfect storm of things coming together at the same time in my life. It was my mother’s health scare; me becoming what felt like the last man standing; my kidney stone scare; my hitting a milestone age; the past Summer I had; and it all was topped off with my trip to Paris and how inspired I was when I came back. “T’s Pursuit of Happiness” began the second I landed back at Logan airport home in Boston. I guess at that point I was already on it. I just didn’t know I was. The inspiration and the music video below just helped me give it a really cool name.

I came up with this theory that we all feel like we’re at a Point A and we all have a Point B that we want to get to and that is when everything will be great for us. That isn’t true. There isn’t a point or place in life where once you get there everything will be perfect. It doesn’t work that way. It’s ok to have goals that involve careers, love, marriage, children, health, money, whatever, but it’s the trip on the way to all of that where we truly live our lives. And I don’t want an ordinary trip. Oh no. So far there has been absolutely nothing ordinary about my life and I don’t want that to change. I am just changing the roads I’m taking on the way to whatever my Point B may become. I’m more open-minded. I want to be more cultured. I want to travel more. I want to be the best at my job. The best at writing. I want to be the best I can at being a son, brother, uncle, friend…the best I can at being a man. This is my pursuit now. This is “T’s Pursuit of Happiness.” Because while I am living my life this way I know that I will enjoy everything life has to offer. Everything MY life has to offer. Along the way I want to enjoy every person, place and thing that comes across my path. I want to grow and foster the relationships with the people already in my life. If I want to take a trip somewhere, pop a bottle of rose somewhere, make a pretty girl smile, do a shot of Patron with my boys, hop on a plane to LA to pitch a script, get another crazy ass tattoo, buy another new car, buy a condo in downtown Boston….I’m going to do it! These are the things that make me happy already and I want to find new things, people, places and experiences that make me happy too! This way if I never get to whatever my Point B is then I know the pursuit on the way was at least worth living.

A lot of people have been asking me lately “What happened to T?! Where’s the crazy guy? The rebel? The ladies man?” Well he grew up. I mean look at this site. This is my evolution. It has been happening the entire time. It’s still happening! Like I said, I guess I’ve been on my pursuit for some time now. I just recently realized it. I don’t do things like most people. I’m not better than anyone else. I’m just living the life I’m supposed to live and I get into things and tell my stories in a way that entertains all of you. T-blawg is a part of my pursuit too. It’s my pursuit of happiness recorded one T-pisode at a time. I hope everyone out there reading this is own their own pursuit or is now inspired to make adjustments to their life so they can get on that pursuit. All I know is “T’s Pursuit of Happiness” is all I’m about these days and I don’t find one single thing wrong with that.


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